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Pjur Aqua Naked Water-Based Lubricant 3.4 oz

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Pjur Aqua Naked Water-Based Lubricant 3.4 oz

Vibing harmoniously with the delicate balance of your and their sensitive areas while adding intense moisture to sensual situations, Pjur's Aqua Naked Water Based Lubricant is an extremely versatile glide formulated to be kind to your/your partner's parts. 

Whether you're using slippery, slide-y Naked during sex, for body massage, as a masturbation lube, or with a toy, you'll adore the silky, skin moisturizing softness. Clear, odor and taste free, this lube naturally absorbs into your/their skin so there's no clean up required after, plus, it rinses off both you and your sheets, clothing, toys and other fabrics with pure water. 

Like all Pjur formulas, Naked meets sky-high standards of safety and purity, it contains no glycerin, parabens, preservatives or spermicide. This lube won't irritate sensitive skin, and is compatible with all toy materials, latex condoms and other latex gear.