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Earthly Body

Edible Massage Cherry Lotion 8 oz

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Edible Massage Cherry Lotion 8 oz
Almost Gone!

Indulge your senses with this luxurious edible massage lotion. Our blend of nutrient-rich oils creates a delectable glide for a blissful massage experience. Each massage is enhanced with a subtle hint of Strawberry flavor for a truly unique experience. Not only does it give you a tantalizing massage, but it also provides deep moisturization to leave your skin feeling touch-ably soft. Take your massage from ordinary to extraordinary with this exquisite edible massage body lotion.

  • Brings delicious flavors to your sensual massages
  • Provides professional slip and glide for easy movement
  • Rich, decadent formula helps with deep pressure
  • Absorbent and nourishing for touch-ably soft skin